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Overlapped Selfie 
Students learned about surrealist portraiture. They  drew inspiration from Charles Beazley, Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol's artwork. The lesson began by having students trace over two different photographs of themselves. They transferred their images and overlapped them to create an interesting design. They finished their artwork by painting it using a limited color palette.   
Native American Pottery 
Students learned about Native American pottery through the centuries. They drew inspiration from the patterns and designs of the pottery. Students were asked to incorporate their own symbolism onto their drawings. Students added a highlight and a shadow using oil pastel to create three dimensionality. 
Space Crystals 
Students practiced drawing crystals through observation. They transferred their drawings onto watercolor paper and outlined the drawing with oil pastel. Students painted the crystals using watercolors. Finally, students cut out the crystals and glued them onto black paper. The splatters were created using white paint and a toothbrush.  
Islamic Tile Inspired Prints 
These prints are the final project in the "Islamic Tile unit". Students first studied the aesthetics of the Islamic culture. Next, students explored radial symmetry and geometric designs through various learning activities. Finally, students designed geometric designs on graph paper, transferred the design onto Styrofoam, applied ink onto the styrofoam, and printed their designs along a center axis. 
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