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Rainbow Cityscapes 
This lesson began by talking to students about how architects use blueprints to plan buildings and cities. I told students that today they will be architects too, however, their blueprints won't be blue...they'll be rainbows! First, I instructed students to create the general outline of the cityscape; making sure to talk about foreground middle ground and background. Next, I asked them to color the back of their drawing with oil pastels. After coloring, they taped a second page to the back and then traced over their original drawing. They added small details as a final touch. 
Nature Pattern Landscapes
I provided students with close up images of leaves, trees, rocks, etc... Then I asked them to carefully observe the patters they see and practice sketching it out in their sketch books. Next, I guided students step-by-step in drawing the land, hills, and sun. I asked students to redraw a different nature pattern in each hill. And finally, students traced the pencil lines, and colored the page using colored pencils.  
Space Art 
I presented students with a large sheet of watercolor paper. I told students that today they will be mixing new colors. I demonstrated mixing all the colors of the color wheel and then had students practice mixing new colors onto their watercolor paper. Their challenge was to cover the entire page. The next day, after the watercolor paper dried, I revealed to students that they will be turning that paper into different planets. I instructed students in cutting and glueing their planets. For a final touch, I helped them spray "stars" by using a toothbrush dipped in watered down white paint. Some students added a shadow on to the planets. 
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