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Drawing Exercise: Fruits 
Students have been instructed to use observational drawing techniques in order to sketch a composition of fruits. Students were advised to use a thumbnail sketch to assist their drawing and to pay attention to proportion and negative spaces. For this assignment, they used their understanding of the value scale in order to draw and paint the sketch of fruits using graphite and watercolors. 
Monochromatic Apples 
Students continued to build on their understanding of value. For this lesson, students segmented an image of an apple by outlining each value. Next, students transferred the image of the apple using carbon paper. The last step was to paint the apple according to the correct numbered value swatch. 
Monochromatic Portraits 
These portraits are the final project assignments that were given to the students at the end of the "painting" unit. Students applied the techniques they learned when painting the monochromatic apple onto the portraits. 
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